CE marking

Legislation defines CE directives containing the regulations which manufacturers must observe when putting a product onto the market. The manufacturer confirms compliance with all directives by affixing the "CE" symbol to equipment and machines.
The CE symbol guarantees the product safety which is specified in the EC Machinery Directive and in various standards.

Do you know all relevant standards for your product? We support:

  • Machine and equipment manufacturers in the EU, by helping to address lack of knowledge in relation to CE assessment, and providing personnel if necessary.
  • Manufacturers outside the EU with our know-how in relation to CE marking. Technical changes are often necessary in order to become active on the European market; we know which ones.
  • Production facilities not in machinery/plant manufacture, which modify their own plant. Because: An owner/operator of machinery and plants can also be obligated to perform the CE assessment procedure. This is always the case if the owner/operator increases the performance of a machine/plant, subsequently modifies it or if he himself becomes a manufacturer, by assembling a production plant from purchased machines. In these cases he is subject to the same obligations as a manufacturer!

What are your current challenges around CE markings? We are at your disposal for a non-binding exchange. Simply send us an email to .

And we can provide the following for you:

  • Research into the relevant directives
  • Definition of the measures to be taken
  • Internal documentation requirements (if desired, we can also organise the storage of documents with an appointed body for the statutory ten years)
  • Preparation of the declaration of conformity – all you need to do is sign it!