Technical illustration

For the field of technical documentation not only do we provide editing services, but we also increasingly deal with the visualisation of information. This includes the adoption of customer data such as 2D or 3D CAD data. From this we create technical illustrations and exploded drawings.

Illustrations enhance texts and assist the reader's understanding. Good illustrations replace explanatory text, thus avoiding translation costs. EURODOK adopts vector graphs from almost all formats and uses high quality programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Visual Enterprise Author, etc. to create illustrations.

What are your current challenges around technical illustrations? We are at your disposal for a non-binding exchange. Simply send us an email to .

We produce:

  • Technical graphics
  • Exploded drawings
  • Perspective representations
  • Sectional views
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Screen design
  • CAD/CAM applications
  • 3D applications

This example originated as follows: A CAD file was imported into Adobe Illustrator. The image content was then extracted and edited. The legend was created in Adobe FrameMaker.